APi Group, Inc. (APi) needed to breathe new life into its company store. The group’s inefficient, mostly manual program was using too many valuable resources to store and fulfill orders for promotional products offered to employees. Decentralized purchasing and distribution processes provided no visibility to spending or to the overabundance of people who were ordering promotional supplies for meetings, trade shows and other functions. APi needed a partner that would provide fresh, high-quality products that employees could take pride in, streamline the ordering and budgeting process and uphold strict branding standards. The creative manager and her team attended a discovery meeting with Curtis 1000’s expert promotional products division seeking a solution to their modernizing needs.


Curtis 1000 delivered. The experienced Curtis 1000 team recommended the CurtisDirect online ordering solution and presented a Project Charter illustrating the project goals and scope, a detailed implementation plan and a transition timeline. Curtis 1000 also collaborated with APi on re-merchandising with the goal of ensuring a contemporary product offering locked to APi’s brand standards. The list of key questions included: • Which products should be kept in inventory? • Which products should be offered as print-on-demand? • Which of APi’s 50 logos would be applied to which products? • What are optimal quantities for each product?


Curtis 1000’s business advisor approach gave APi’s creative manager and her team the confidence they sought to make a much-needed change. • The automated ordering process allows users fast, easy ordering of inventoried and print-on-demand products while controlling brand standards and provides reports to help APi manage activity and budgeting. • APi’s promotional product offering was refined to include 50 products hand-selected to meet specific needs. • As a result of this success, Curtis 1000 launched four additional online stores for companies under the APi umbrella and began managing APi’s print management program as well. The power of CurtisDirect launched a fresh APi company store that’s open for business 24/7 and freed customer resources to manage their core business. Thanks to its partnership with Curtis 1000, APi is back in control.