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Marketing is a world of complicated details and tight deadlines. With that kind of pressure, it’s hard to find the time to focus on “core” work – the strategy and program planning that ensures success in the long term. Too often marketers spend their time on the urgent rather than the important. In fact, business leaders reported in a recent study published in Harvard Business Review that their teams spend 41% of their time focused on non-strategic or non-core tasks.

Through the strength and backing of our affiliate, Curtis offers a comprehensive Managed Services Program to manage your non-core, but essential, work more efficiently. Our detailed assessment ensures all facets of your value chain are evaluated for maximized impact, which can yield up to 20% savings on annual spend.

  • More marketing time spent on strategy and less on tactics
  • Vendor management automation and SKU standardization
  • Streamlined access to approved brand assets
  • Greater visibility for quicker, more accurate decisions
  • Reduced backorders and obsolescence

Time for your organization to rethink its approach to marketing execution?

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Demands are heavy on marketers to get results with fewer resources. This Idea Book shows how they’re gaining control by leveraging outside expertise.

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This whitepaper shows how outsourced managed services can identify inefficiencies and hidden costs in your supply chain, leverage buyer power and reduce total cost of ownership.

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This video shows how a comprehensive Communications Assessment can identify and deliver savings to reinvest in your business.

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How Curtis is positively disrupting the
$75 billion graphic arts industry
Not enough bandwidth. Inefficient technology. Too many vendors. These and other problems plague busy marketers who are grappling with the challenge of growth in competitive markets. This video explores how Curtis Managed Services attacked these issues and gave one global CMO more time back in their day.View Video
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SAMPLE ASSESSMENTTo understand what your organization
can gain, download this sample
Communications Assessment

The success of a Curtis Managed Services program begins with in-person interviews by a team of marketing process consultants, product managers and manufacturing experts from Curtis 1000.

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