Case Study

National Restaurant Chain
Speeds Menu Cycle

Real-Time Collaboration Accelerates Update Process


A nationwide restaurant chain of approximately 100 locations needed a better way to manage:

  • Edits and updates across multiple teams
  • Local site branding and versioning
  • Long menu cycles and high expenses
  • Disruptive menu distribution to the daily operations


Curtis 1000 implemented its KLIC RealTime system to resolve these issues for the client. By seamlessly integrating with their existing PLU and PDF workflows, KLIC RealTime enabled client team members to collaborate with each other on menu changes. From initial design concepts through copyediting and layout adjustments, team members could work together simultaneously on updates while retaining a precise audit trail of what had changed and when. Final approved menu versions could then be ordered for immediate print and distribution to individual restaurants or the entire chain.


Thanks to KLIC RealTime from Curtis 1000, the time required to revise, print and deliver menus dropped from 12 weeks to five weeks and freed up valuable resources for other priorities. The company’s distribution cycle for new menus has since been accelerated from semi-annual to quarterly, creating supply chain benefits and improving financial metrics. It has also enhanced the dining experience for customers and strengthened the company’s brand in the marketplace because of the ease of adding new items and food trends.