Proven Processes to

Control Your Spend

How is your organization trying to improve its business communications?
Get more for your money

The communications supply chain can amount to as much as 3% of revenue and 15% of overall indirect purchases. Curtis can streamline these costs and maximize value.

Greater spend visibility

Having multiple vendors adds complexity and reduces transparency. Let Curtis be your single source for a wide range of communication needs, giving you consistent reporting and greater control.

Tighter inventory control

Weak systems. Undisciplined process. Those are common problems that lead to backorders, stock-outs and disappointed colleagues. Curtis has ways to manage your print inventory to reduce waste and obsolescence.

Streamlined buying

Curtis has decades of experience supplying every kind of support to marketers. Now you can spend less time sourcing their last-minute requests…and do so with confidence.

Accurate fulfillment

Using Curtis ensures your message gets to the right person at the right time for maximum impact. We eliminate missed shipments, reorders and delays.

Better metrics and reporting

A cheaper price may not save money in the long run. We use robust performance metrics to document hard and soft dollar savings, which we report to you on a routine basis.

Relax, you have Curtis on your side.
Growing businesses need flexible, capable partners
who sweat the details and can turn on a dime.

That’s what Curtis is all about. We’re proud to provide expert advice and high-touch service to leading regional businesses that need help meeting the challenges of rapid change.

Vendor Consolidation

Reduce the time spent managing multiple suppliers while ensuring better coordination of complex projects.

Inventory Control

Eliminate waste and obsolescence by gaining stronger control over your print and promotional assets.

Cost Savings

Affordable prices are just the start. Curtis can show you additional ways to achieve documented cost savings.


Bring a personal touch to your business

Business cards, stationery and folders

Make it easy for employees to order the stationery, holiday and occasion cards, folders, stamps and tools they need through an online ordering platform that’s integrated with your procurement systems.

Accurate, efficient, timely distribution

Warehousing, kitting and fulfillment services

Make sure your materials get where they need to be, on time and undamaged. Curtis offers extensive marketing fulfillment capabilities, supported by regional distribution centers and warehouses across the U.S.

Compliance and materials science experts

Durable, prime and
in-mold labels

Superior short- and long-run print capabilities mean that no label order is too big or too small for Curtis. Depend on us for just-in-time delivery to keep your manufacturing lines up and running.

We think outside the box

Custom retail packaging solutions

Promote customer engagement and loyalty with memorable packaging. Curtis offers extensive capabilities in flexible packaging, shrink sleeves, high-graphic cartons and media packaging.
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