Case Study

Technology Solution Reduces
Costs 40%, Boosts Brand Control

User Adoption Jumps 700% During First Year


During a period of rapid growth, a national telecommunications company struggled to preserve its brand and manage its marketing messages. Many of the company’s thousands of stores and independent providers modified marketing materials — or created their own — and shared them with peers and customers.

As a major player in an industry facing increasingly strict legal and regulatory requirements, the client needed to ensure a unified brand experience and stop dissemination of inaccurate and off-brand information. Budgetary constraints and limited internal resources added to the project’s complexity.


Curtis 1000 created a customized, secure software solution where  sales representatives use brand-compliant templates to customize marketing materials based on location, customer demographics and other data. Each user has unique login credentials that control the materials and customization options available. Back-end analytics provide data about the promotions and materials that are most popular in each geographical area, allowing the client to effectively tailor programs by region.


Sales representatives took to the system very rapidly; within the first year, the client saw a 700% increase in adoption and experienced a 40% reduction in marketing costs. The program has grown to include more 400 items, such as sandwich boards, yard signs, window clings, posters, spinner signs, banners and pole wraps. Curtis 1000 has developed new products to fulfill newly identified marketing needs, with fresh items going into production in as little as four hours.