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Use Labeling and Packaging
to Tell Your Story

Ensuring good label design right from the start

When it comes to consumer-packaged goods, a person might spend as little as five to seven seconds before making a decision. So, it’s critical for your labeling and packaging to not only attract attention but tell a compelling brand story that makes a lasting impression. Two hot trends impacting the beauty and personal care industry today are environmental sustainability and high-tech connections.

Even if you don’t use the color green in your packaging, you should consider how to convey your company’s commitment to sustainability, whether that’s in your labeling, packaging or product manufacturing. Consumers want the brands they choose to be environmentally friendly and support social causes. A recent study by the Shelton Group found that “86% of consumers believe companies should take a stand for social issues, and they’re ready to support that stand with their purchases.”

This is especially true in the health and beauty industry. According to a 2018 Cone/Porter Novelli study, 87% of Americans believe brands within the health and beauty industry must have and communicate a sense of purpose. In fact, six in 10 consumers don’t believe a company has purpose unless it’s clearly stated in places they can easily find such as on product packaging.

Consider this: According to Mintel’s Trends 2015, 57% of U.S. personal care consumers buy natural and organic personal care products because they don’t contain unnecessary ingredients or chemicals.

“A consumer’s product decision-making is based at least one-third on packaging, along with personal preference.” — quoted in “The Power of Packaging by Steve Truan”

Eco-friendly packaging is just one of the trends identified by Mintel in their “2019 Global Packaging Trends” report. They also examined the impact of “connected packaging” — packaging components that link physical packages to the online world via QR codes and other graphic markers, near field communication (NCF), radio frequency identification (RFID), Bluetooth and augmented reality (AR). Download a free copy of the Mintel report here.

Label and product enhancements allow you to tell a fuller and more complete brand story, differentiating your product in a crowded marketplace. Make full use of innovative materials, creative ideas and efficient processes.

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