Fabric Trends Influencing
Retail Windows and Displays

A Versatile Approach to Visual Merchandising

Any good retailer knows that store windows and product displays are critical components of a comprehensive visual merchandising strategy. Your goal is to attract attention and capture the interest of prospective customers, enticing them to shop and make purchases. 

Fabrics are often a primary focus of these creative endeavors and an excellent example of sensory marketing. First and foremost, store windows and product displays are meant to have dramatic visual appeal. Sometimes a display can be tactile too, if elements are intended to be touched.

Two fabric trends to watch

One of our favorite recent trends is luxurious fabrics. In a blog post on textiles used in sports clothing, ISPO Textrends notes seeing, “a new level of luster feature and materials and trims that get the attention of the consumer.” Many retailers are choosing to create glamorous, opulent scenes that radiate luxury by choosing bright, sumptuous materials for their displays, such as purple velvet and gold lamé.

Another popular trend is using natural, sustainable or recycled fabrics that are environmentally friendly. Think hemp, linen, cotton, wool and burlap. If you’re using manmade fabrics in your displays, you can still employ this trend by recycling or repurposing it in a creative way. More and more consumers are judging retailers and brands on their commitment to business sustainability. Choices you make for visual merchandising can be a prominent way to showcase your corporate values.

Don’t be surprised to see these fabric trends popping up at events and trade shows too.

Attract attention with vibrant colors

Another hot trend is fabric signage. The vibrant, deeply saturated colors that are possible with fabric printing are ideal for large-format backlit and non-backlit display including banners, retractable signs, table toppers and other options. Fabric signs and graphics tend to be durable and easy to work with, and they can usually be changed out quickly with minimal resources.

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