Loyalty Program’s 2018 Passes
Sell Out In Less Than A Second

Curtis Helps Restaurant Chain Toast New Heights of Success


A national chain of casual-dining restaurants needed a partner with both innovative ideas and executional excellence to boost business during non-peak hours and increase social media interaction with customers. The client’s overall strategy put an exciting twist on an already successful in-store promotion, extending the deal for a longer term and creating exclusivity with a limited number of passes. Customers could sign up online to participate, and restaurant managers were empowered to hand out passes to frequent diners as a thank-you for their continued business.


Needing a partner to design and fulfill the program’s printed materials, the client turned to Travel Tags, Inc. Working closely with the client, Travel Tags developed:

  • Personalized membership cards that incorporate unique finishes and shapes, delivered in a premium package to create a memorable brand experience
  • Printed materials to accompany the card through our sister company, Print Craft
  • Packaging designed to keep costs down while communicating the program’s value and exclusivity
  • Fulfillment of program orders, including shipment to members and restaurant managers


The program was an immediate success, with all of the annual program passes — more than 20,000 — selling out in less than one second. The loyalty program continues to drive enthusiasm in several ways, made possible by the components Travel Tags produced. For example, data captured from customers’ purchase history and habits helps to personalize special offers based on each member’s preferences. Plus, the client can now incorporate social media activity into the data for added insight into the behaviors of loyal customers.

As an annual loyalty program that launched in 2014, Travel Tags is always looking for a better way. By automating manual processes initially required for fulfillment and by continually exploring changes in the package design, Travel Tags has also been able to make incremental improvements to the program’s execution, quality and cost efficiency.