Project nets excellent 12% to 14% response rates


Our client is a university in Cincinnati, Ohio, with a powerful network of more than 60,000 alumni members across the globe. The Annual Funds Coordinator was seeking a new way to harness the considerable power of the schools’ youngest alumni. Flowing a Curtis 1000  workshop, the customer reached out to Curtis for help creating and implementing a campaign to gather contact information and seek donations from recent graduates.


The university’s Alumni Relations Department utilized Curtis 1000 to put together a four-part campaign to two young alumni segments: 1-5 years out of school and 6-10 years out of school. The campaign consisted of:

  • 8,000 postcards with inviting recipients to visit their PURL, or personalized website, to update contact information.
  • PURLs with segment-specific messages, pre-populated contact information to make updating quick and easy, and a Thank You page with links to donate to the Annual Fund and visit the Young Alumni site.
  • Two follow-up email campaigns to non-responders.


The university was so happy with the results that follow-up campaigns using the newly updated contact information were immediately in the works. The campaign results included:

  • A 12% response rate on the PURL.
  • A 13% open rate on the first email.
  • A 14% open rate on the second email.