Wide format printing is a big deal…literally and figuratively.

In general, printed materials with a width of 18″ to 100” are considered to be wide format. Over 100″ wide is considered super-wide or grand format. This is the kind of critical collateral used for enhanced business visibility when you need to make a really big impression. Think signs, banners, posters, window clings and trade show displays to name a few.

Products like these are typically printed on wide format digital presses, which are ideal for short runs and versions. These presses also have the ability to print on an array of substrates in varying thicknesses including paper, vinyl, plastic, fabric, foam board, metal, etc.

The flexibility to print on such a wide variety of substrates is vital to producing materials that will perform effectively under the countless applications and conditions inherent in wide format collateral. However, along with those infinite options comes the necessity to consider all of the “small stuff” that affects the best choice of size, material, ink, finishing and installation hardware. For example…

  • Where will your graphic be displayed? Indoors? Outdoors? In the sun or rain?
  • How will it be displayed? Does it need grommets, Velcro®, a display rack, a hanging pole pocket?
  • How long will its shelf life be? Will it need to be stored? Cleaned?
  • From what distance will it be viewed?
  • Will it be viewed from both sides?

That’s a lot to consider, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you’d rather not sweat the small stuff, contact the wide format experts at Curtis 1000. We’ve got BIG plans for your print and marketing. Call us at 877.287.8715 or fill out the “How Can We Help You?” form on our website today!