to-the-tableWhat Will You Bring to the Table?

Everyone has to eat, right? But, delicious meals don’t cook themselves – they take a lot of work and inspiration.

My family has a new tradition that solves this problem. On a recent vacation with our whole clan, we agreed to enjoy home cooked meals for dinner each night. To add to the fun, everyone was assigned one evening to showcase their best cooking skills. Even the kids got a turn! Over the course of the week we ate pancakes, steaks, low country boil, Tex-Mex and even homemade fettuccine.  I can’t remember the last time I had so many delicious, eclectic dishes. Everyone had a great time doing their part and the result was a week of culinary teamwork that created precious family memories.

This whole collaborative experience reminded me of my work as Marketing Director at Curtis 1000 and how the amazing teams within our company make our business run. The individual members of each team are charged with doing their part to turn our marketing strategy into more business and better visibility in the market. And while everyone completes specific tasks, we must collaborate in order to create the synergy that drives us forward. Just like the cooks in my family pitched in to feed our crew, the Curtis 1000 teams pitch in passionately, no matter how small their task may be, toward individual goals and a unified end. It truly is inspiring.

What’s the recipe for success? There’s no secret ingredient; it’s the way we work together that makes our marketing strategy happen. Curtis 1000 executives have communicated a solid corporate vision, and that mission guides our efforts. The next steps translate vision into reality, as individual efforts bring their flavor to the table. Marketing contributes the campaigns and tools that deliver our key messages, place us in the market and promote our products and services. Our technology department joins in with ecommerce platforms that add efficiency to client processes. Production manages the nuts and bolts of product manufacturing and delivery. Our sales managers and consultants put all of those tools to work with our prospects and customers in the field every day.

The result is greater than the sum of its parts – and this compound cohesiveness is the real secret to our success.

So, as you look toward all the individual tasks you have to complete this week, I encourage you to remember that you are part of a multifaceted team that makes the big picture a reality. No matter what you bring to the table, big or small, if you do so with passion and collaboration, what you cook up will most certainly be delicious.