Top 3 Kitting Problems: Solved! 

 A container of materials for your franchisees’ monthly promotion…An envelope enclosing required insurance notices…A cleverly designed box of collateral for your next direct marketing campaign…A recruitment information packet for your university’s next freshman class… 

What do all of these things have in common?

They’re kits!

If you’re wondering what a “kit” is, you’re not alone. They go by a variety of names in different market segments and organizations, but a kit is simply two or more items placed together in a package for distribution.

In fact, it’s likely that your organization does some sort of kitting already. If it’s just a couple items once a year to a few recipients it may be no big deal. But imagine trying to coordinate the input of many internal and external stakeholders to produce variable kits with dozens of components going to thousands of recipients every month with a hard deadline. That can get really complicated.

Whether you call it a promo box, an info packet or just by a SKU number, you’ve likely run into these Top 3 kitting issues by now:

1. Efficiently coordinating the input of all stakeholders
The concept and copy for your new promotional piece came from marketing. Your agency created the design and produced the print file, but your printer needs to do some tweaking. Everything must be proofed and approved by a long list of people. And that’s just one of 20 different components for one version of your monthly kit. Your project manager is about to pull her hair out trying to keep track of it all on a spreadsheet. Sound familiar?

2. Making sure kits are produced and received on time
One key person misses a proofing date and your timeframe slips, causing delays in production and shipping. The end result is either a missed deadline or costly rush charges, neither of which are good options. Bet you’ve been to this party before.

3. Ensuring kit accuracy
There are 5 items in your latest information packet, but they vary by recipient and there’s also a personalized component. Making sure every envelope contains the correct items and the right version can be quite a task. Version and quality control are absolutely vital. But you already know that.

What if I told you there is a tool that effortlessly manages all of these concerns and lets you keep track of even the most complex kitting projects? What if you had an online central workspace so all team members can collaborate with ease while you stay in command with milestones and alerts to manage progress, and authorizations and version controls that ensure accuracy? What if you could create components, build kits, monitor inventory levels and stay on top of production right from your workstation 24/7?

This is no fairy tale; Curtis 1000 has made it an everyday reality with the development of CurtisDirect Kits™. Our one-of-a-kind web-based kitting project management system lets you increase the efficiency and quality of your kitting projects while reducing duplication of effort and cost. Pair that with our exceptional production, kitting and fulfillment services and you’ve got a technology-driven solution that maximizes your productivity.

When you’re ready to take your kitting program to the next level, let your local Curtis 1000 Uncomplication Expert show you how we can help.

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