As direct marketers, we craft our communications to engage a specific audience. But no group of people is the same, not even the members of our carefully chosen target audience. Regardless of the vertical market we are focusing on, all marketers face the same challenge.

How do we effectively and efficiently connect with all of the different types of people within our audience?

In general, the key components to consider when we’re trying to connect with any target audience are…

  • The channel of communication we use
  • The interaction experience we strive to establish
  • The content we include

With that said, when approaching a broad target audience, a segmentation strategy is almost always imperative if we want to get any sort of productive response. For example, a target audience may encompass a wide range of age groups with many differences rooted in their generations. In this situation, we need to carefully plan our communications around these generational differences. And that can be quite a challenge!

Check out our own hilarious video that illustrates why I don’t call the massive differences between age groups just a generation gap, but instead, a generation canyon! I hope you’re able to use some of this insight when planning your next campaign to ensure it spans the entire canyon.