I was listening to David Bowie croon about changes the other day on the radio and I immediately thought about how everything changes over time. Time changes people and people try to trace time to cope with the fear of change. It’s interesting to look at the history of Curtis 1000 in this light. We’re a 133 year old company and our history really marks time. We started as an envelope printer in 1882 and through the myriad changes that a century and a half can bring, have managed to preserve our core values while keeping pace with the industry.  But, let’s face it.

Change is not easy.

When I started at Curtis 1000 in 2010, we were really just beginning to see major shifts in how we communicate.  Multi-channel direct marketing was a relatively new concept, and for many it was just an option. Now, just a blip on the timeline later, multi-channel marketing is crucial to reaching target audiences efficiently.  Not only have we, as marketers and sales people, had to adapt, but the entire printing industry has been faced with a complete overhaul. In fact, some even question the future of print altogether. (I believe it’s not going anywhere by the way.) So, why has Curtis 1000 prospered through all of this change?

Forward-thinking people made it happen.

If you are like me, change can be scary at first, but once it happens everything becomes clear. Doors open. Perspectives are broadened. The new becomes simply “current.” We can reminisce all we want about how, back in the day, we used to send everything through snail mail, thumb through the Rolodex to find contacts, or make calls via pay phone.  But we can’t go back, even if we want to, because being open to change makes us better at what we do.

With all of this said, I challenge you to make a change today. It can be a big change or small change. Don’t be scared.  Here are three small things you can do to help make change a positive habit in your life.

  1. Upgrade for change – Make an upgrade on something you have to use every day. Maybe it’s your phone, tablet, computer, software, vehicle or writing utensil…something new and exciting can be in your hand, inspiring you, every day.
  2. Network for change – Meeting new people means exiting your comfort zone, but it also means gaining new perspectives and motivation to do new things. After all, everyone else is doing it. So get out there and mingle. Who knows, you could meet a future boss or new BFF!
  3. Evaluate your lifestyle for change – Look at your diet, your fitness routine, your clothes, your commute, what you read…I could go on and on. There is so much potential to create subtle, positive change in our lives; see where you can change yourself for the better. Even if the changes aren’t noticeable to those around us, just being healthy, happy and informed is its own reward.

We can’t change the way we think or do things overnight, but we can cause some ripples by proactively making even small changes in our lives. Let’s not be paralyzed by change, but rather challenged by it. It will make us better marketers, able to generate growth and success without fear.

P.S. Please watch our short video for a glimpse of Curtis 1000 history.