The Secret to Engaging Direct Mail

According to a study by Canada Post, 85% of people will open mail if it “looks interesting” and 50% of people have purchased a product over the past six months as a result of a direct mail advertisement. Even if you already suspected as much, that’s still great news for your marketing efforts. The question is, what makes mail interesting? In a recent presentation, MemJet identified four key factors that pump up the interest factor in direct mail.


Knowing your audience pays off…not just their name, but their preferences and interests so you can personalize AND customize to engage your recipients. According to InfoTrends, 82% of consumers are more likely to open mail customized for them.


High quality graphics are a must if you’re going to catch the eye of your target audience. If your piece doesn’t look professional, neither do you.

Shapes and Textures

Unusual shapes that make your piece stick out in the stack and interesting textures that appeal to the sense of touch can make a big difference in engagement level. Make sure to keep an eye on cost so there’s still a return on your investment.

Online Content

Bridging the gap between print and digital content keeps you relevant, but make sure the content is interesting to your audience and accessing it is easy. The key here is knowing your audience and making smart use of print-to-mobile tools.

Now that the secret to interesting mail is out, you may be wondering how to incorporate all of this into your marketing given your target audience, timeline and budget. That’s where the experts at Curtis 1000 can help. Call us at 877.287.8715 or fill out the “How Can We Help You?” form on our website today!