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Curtis 1000 prints labels for every purpose from the simplest black and white shipping labels to exquisite full-color wine labels that involve foil stamping and embossing to the most durable, weather-resistant labels for long-term outdoor use in quantities from 250 to millions. The latest digital label equipment complements our base of traditional flexographic presses to provide you with the ideal label solution for any application. Short-run digital labels, long-run flexographic labels, roll-fed or sheet-fed, black and white or full color with a wide variety of substrates and adhesives. We do it all! No matter what the application, the label experts at Curtis 1000 will create a label that never lets you down.

How Visible Are You?

How Visible Are You And Your Labels?

With more than two-thirds of all retail buying decisions made at the point of purchase, your product’s label could be your most strategic marketing tool. Studies say the average consumer takes five seconds to choose a product from the shelf. That gives your label just moments to capture a buyer’s attention and convince them to add your product to their shopping cart.

Yep. It’s tough out there. And your label is on the front lines. So, how do you make sure your label has what it takes to make the most of those 5 seconds? Like any other marketing tool, you’ve got to design it with the Big 3 in mind.

  1. Know your brand: Does your label properly reflect your quality, core values and the image you want to portray?
  2. Know your audience: Will the consumers you are targeting connect with your label and find it appealing?
  3. Know your competition: Does your label stand out among your competition? If theirs is ornate, perhaps yours should be sleek and simple.

The label experts at Curtis 1000 will work with you to design a label that invigorates your marketing message, reflects your brand and makes the most of your budget. We understand that your label is a reflection of your company’s image in the marketplace and of the commitment you’ve made to your customers—we partner with you to ensure that image is perfectly targeted.

Digital Labels: Change your mind and change your message.

Curtis1000 Labels - Change Your Mind

It’s never been easier.

Staying nimble in today’s increasingly competitive and ever-changing market is essential. Our digital offset label equipment doesn’t require plates or lengthy set-up so you can incorporate frequent changes to your graphics at no additional cost, time or drop in quality. Go ahead…refresh, rebrand, reposition, update or simply test the waters. With Curtis 1000 you can be fearlessly flexible!

Take advantage of our cutting edge HP Indigo digital technology to:

One thing that won’t change is label quality.

Food and Beverage Labels

Hot, cold, wet, dry, inside, outside or upside down…You need a label that looks great no matter what the conditions. If your label doesn’t look good, neither do you. Curtis 1000’s design and production experts will thoroughly investigate usage and storage environments to ensure you’re using the best substrate, ink and adhesive to guarantee durability under even the most difficult conditions. We’ll make sure your label is crafted to reduce the chances of peeling, cracking, fading or slipping.

We’ll also make sure you get vibrant, perfectly matched colors with advanced color management techniques that incorporate mathematical ink formulas for color formulation and spectrophotometers for color verification. Technology-driven color accuracy means your labels in your colors—every time.

And for those occasions when your label needs a little extra glamour, we can dress them up with special techniques like hot foil stamping, embossing, varnishes, and custom dies. Increase your product’s charm and your sales too!

Need a Label? Curtis 1000 Can Help You With That!

We have solutions for all types of labels and applications.

Direct Marketing Results

Mission Possible

From safety labels that point out danger to artfully crafted package labels designed to grab the consumer’s attention and increase sales, labels convey mission-critical information. And that makes choosing the right label supplier a crucial decision. Let us help you complete your mission with labels that do it all and never let you down! For more information, fill out our contact form or call 1-877-287-8715.


California Coast University

Working with Curtis 1000 is always a positive experience. When something is asked of them they always deliver.
Christi Okuma, Development Coordinator
California Coast University


This campaign reminded me of why [we have] a long history with Curtis 1000—great ideas with the data to back them up!
Director of Meetings

Celebrity Homes

This program has allowed Celebrity Homes to remain consistently in front of our prospects during their ‘decision’ and ‘fact finding’ stages.
Shawn McGuire
Celebrity Homes

Kaduceus Inc

“The turnkey solutions that Curtis 1000 brought to the table for this project is the reason I use them as my exclusive vendor.”
Kaduceus Inc


Curtis1000 was able to execute our theme through all aspects of this event, helping to make it a great success!
Kaitlyn Myers

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