Direct Mail

Direct Mail That Really Delivers!

Direct Mail Really Delivers

Whether you’re sending customer statements, marketing brochures or critical membership renewal forms, Curtis 1000 has the expertise and resources to manage your direct mail program from design through delivery. We start with creative based on your goals, add comprehensive printing, finishing and kitting capabilities and finish with a suite of data management, list hygiene and postal processing tools that guarantee delivery with pinpoint accuracy. Let us help you get your message to your audience with direct mail that really delivers!

Eternally Effective

In today’s world of cutting edge electronic marketing options, direct mail may at first seem a bit…ho hum. But make no mistake. Traditional direct mail is still one of the most effective methods available to communicate your vital information. In fact, you can be sure nearly 100% of your correctly addressed mail will be delivered and studies show that 80% of recipients will at least scan it.*

What’s the secret to direct mail’s success? It’s a little like your favorite aunt…engaging, personal and practically impossible to ignore! Direct mail lets you communicate one-on-one with your target audience. You control the message, the package, the timing and who receives it. When your direct mail piece arrives in the mailbox every recipient has to do something with it so it must be handled. And once it’s in their hands, if your outer envelope does its job by capturing the recipient’s attention, it will likely be opened and read. Ta da! You’ve reached your target. But first, you’ve got to get it into the right mailbox.

It's All About The List...

When it comes to direct mail, you simply cannot overstate the importance of your mailing list. Successful direct mail programs start with a comprehensive mailing list purchased or developed based on target audience data. The more you know about your audience, the more precisely you can target your list and the better your results will be. That seems pretty straightforward.

But acquiring the right list is just the beginning; the larger issue is making sure it’s accurate the first time, and every time, you use it. With over 43 million Americans moving each year, undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) mail is a continuous concern. Do you really want to spend money printing and mailing items that get returned to you? Or mailing the same piece to the same person twice? Savvy direct mail managers rely on data cleansing methods to avoid the list inaccuracies that cost you money.

At a minimum, make sure your direct mail process includes:

Direct Mail from Design through Delivery

Curtis1000 Direct Mail Design and Delivery

Curtis 1000 offers a turnkey solution for direct mailings of all types, from statements and invoices to multi-touch marketing campaigns. It all starts with our professional designers who can create a customized piece that meets USPS guidelines for physical characteristics like size and weight to qualify for the best postage rate. We take it to the next level with extensive commercial print and digital print-on-demand capabilities to enable cost-effective personalization or versioning. But it doesn’t end there. Curtis 1000 also provides:

Direct Marketing Results

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Curtis1000 was able to execute our theme through all aspects of this event, helping to make it a great success!
Kaitlyn Myers

California Coast University

Working with Curtis 1000 is always a positive experience. When something is asked of them they always deliver.
Christi Okuma, Development Coordinator
California Coast University

Celebrity Homes

This program has allowed Celebrity Homes to remain consistently in front of our prospects during their ‘decision’ and ‘fact finding’ stages.
Shawn McGuire
Celebrity Homes

Kaduceus Inc

“The turnkey solutions that Curtis 1000 brought to the table for this project is the reason I use them as my exclusive vendor.”
Kaduceus Inc


This campaign reminded me of why [we have] a long history with Curtis 1000—great ideas with the data to back them up!
Director of Meetings

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