Numerous stakeholders going through separate ordering and approval processes with multiple vendors for assorted products. Countless phone and email conversations with various suppliers to make it all happen. Not to mention a production, distribution and invoicing footprint that looks more like a spider web.

Sound familiar? Perhaps your process just evolved over time. Maybe it was designed to obtain the lowest product price. Who knows? Who cares? You do, because there’s a cost to the process. And not just in more gray hair on your head…a REAL cost. In fact, experts say on average you’ll spend $6 in process cost for every $1 in product cost. And the more convoluted the process, the higher the cost.

The answer, of course, is to streamline the process. Often easier said than done, but the right print partner can help. A supplier that takes the time to learn about your business in order to design a more efficient way of achieving your goals is priceless. If they offer an online ordering system to add even more efficiency, you’re certainly on the right track.

Of course, not every program benefits from online ordering, but if the image above resonates then yours probably will. Online systems offer a central portal where stakeholders can order static and customized print and marketing products of all varieties. Products are either picked and packed or proofed online and sent to production, shipped and then invoiced as requested. One ordering process. One vendor. One invoice. For all your print and marketing.

Shouldn’t your print process look more like this?

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