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Could Your Bottom Line Be Even Stronger?

When was the last time you actually analyzed the efficiency of your communications program to make sure you’re maximizing ROI? At Curtis 1000, we do that for our customers every day. It’s intelligent print management at its very best. And it typically provides our customers significant savings on the cost of their print and marketing.

There’s no magic to it. It’s simply our unique combination of unmatched production capabilities, infinitely flexible technology, unrivaled expertise and the firm belief that there’s always a better way.

Unmatched Production Capabilities

Curtis 1000 is part of Taylor Corporation, one of the top 3 graphics communications companies in North America. In addition to our own full-service facilities, we provide a single point of access to the diversity and power of Taylor’s 80+ companies. It’s a manufacturing and distribution footprint that’s second to none, offering an unparalleled breadth and depth of internal capabilities, inherent redundancy and the highest product quality at the lowest possible cost. But our reach doesn’t end there. We can also harness the resources of our vast preferred supplier network, all of whom have been fully vetted to ensure they can meet the strictest quality standards.

Infinitely Flexible Technology

Curtis 1000’s web-based technology solutions maximize the productivity of your communications program by automating tasks, enforcing standards and controlling workflow. We’ve effectively driven out the inefficiencies and inaccuracies that cost time and money. You’re left with a fast, highly efficient print and marketing process that produces accurate, customized products and delivers them where they are needed, when they are needed.

  • Increase ordering efficiency and optimize resource use by enabling a diverse user base to place orders 24/7 from their workstations
  • Offer customization and product options while controlling your corporate identity and halting rogue spend
  • Eliminate obsolete inventory and manage spending with real time reporting options that put key data right at your fingertips
  • Increase accuracy and save time and effort with collaborative workspace and project management options

Scalable, adaptable and responsive…It’s technology tailored for your organization, your needs, your workflow and your budget.

Unrivaled Expertise

Working with Curtis 1000 is like adding expert resources without the overhead. Our dedicated local consultants become part of your team to gain a deep understanding of your organization, your place in the market, your goals and your challenges. They’ll analyze every aspect of your communications program to determine the most time- and cost-effective methodologies that will produce the highest quality product. Then they’ll tap into the best production resources, technology options and professional personnel to make that happen.

There’s Always a Better Way

We create print and marketing programs architected specifically for you because we know that there are no cookie cutter solutions. We also understand that product price is just one part of the savings equation. That’s why we put so much effort into process enhancements that optimize workflow and personnel utilization so you can focus on your core business and stay nimble in your market. And we’re committed to always looking at your program through fresh eyes to make sure we’re taking advantage of every opportunity for continuous improvement.


Just like you, we think working smarter is the best option every time. Take a look at how we’ve helped other companies improve their ROI…  

Reduce Print & Process Management Costs

Are you plagued by the high costs of managing your organization’s print processes…

Or worse, an inability to see the true costs? Worried that inefficiency and waste are affecting your company’s profitability? Curtis 1000 can help you take control with consultants that provide objective, third-party analysis, then deliver business solutions that streamline processes and optimize oversight.

How we have helped others reduce these costs:

Company Saves $39K in 6 Months

Curtis 1000 saves client $39,000 in six months with Web-based toolkit

CurtisDirect™ also adds brand security Challenge: One of the nation’s global providers of talent, technology and consulting services, whose work is repeatedly recognized by Fortune as one of the World’s Most Admired Companies, was searching for a new way to improve and maintain their competitive position in the market. Being firmly grounded in their mission…
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Communications Issue Solved

COMCAST benefits from new communications process

Reduced costs with branding consistency Challenge: Comcast is the largest provider of cable services in the nation—and one of the world’s leading communications companies. Known for their innovative programming, Comcast delivers digital services, fast internet, and broadband phone service. The Comcast Atlanta Consumer Division had just started their “digital migration” program—converting customers from analog signal…
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Costs Reduced by $1.5 Million

Curtis 1000 reduces food service organization’s internal costs by $1,500,000

Reduced vendors; increased leverage Challenge: A leading food service organization with annual revenues of $16 billion provides food service to schools and universities, corporate and government facilities, and hospitals and healthcare segments, among others. Through an externally facilitated strategic planning initiative, the organization determined that it was investing too much in hard and soft costs…
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Reduce Inventory and Obsolescence

Obsolete or excess inventory of printed materials can cause alarming losses for a company.

Curtis 1000 can help you reduce or even completely eliminate excessive inventory by leveraging our print-on-demand solutions or allowing us to inventory for you in one of our regional warehouses. Both options will lower your operating expenses and working capital requirements.

How we have helped others reduce inventory and obsolescence:

Portal Solves Problems

New portal frees company resources and reduces time needed to manage programs

Print-on-demand eliminates waste and obsolescence Challenge: Since 1999, a major Fortune 100 insurance company has partnered with Taylor Corporation, which provides a centralized print program for business cards and stationery. This business led to discussions regarding direct marketing materials, including personalized sales and marketing literature. The company needed a new way to improve response rates,…
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Extraordinary Cost Savings

Curtis 1000 Helps Insurance Company Achieve Extraordinary Cost Reductions

Savings created enhanced marketing opportunities for client Challenge: Our client, a large healthcare provider, engaged Taylor Corporation, Curtis 1000’s parent company, to conduct a study of their current print and marketing operations in order to make recommendations to reduce print costs and enhance communication quality. The client’s executive team wanted to accomplish two primary objectives:…
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Add Resources & Expertise with a Single Supplier

Having to do more with fewer resources can be a frustrating fact of life today.

Adding an experienced partner to your team allows you to focus on core competencies and running your business. Curtis 1000 offers its print knowledge and expertise as part of our partnership. We become part of your planning and implementation conversations, working with you to brainstorm, execute ideas, and streamline your operations through our network of Taylor companies and industry resources.

How we have helped others add resources and expertise:

Turnkey solutions eliminate errors

Kaduceus Inc. Cites Turnkey Kitting / Fulfillment in Making Curtis 1000 Exclusive Vendor

CurtisDirect® eliminates errors in fulfillment Challenge: Kaduceus Inc. is dedicated to the educational and professional development of individuals interested in pursuing a career in the Healthcare Industry. The Kaduceus Healthcare Programs prepare high school seniors for National Certification in their respective fields, advancing their value and marketability. During an initial discovery call, it was learned…
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Easy ordering, online proofing

Curtis 1000 gives manufacturer’s marketing staff more resources and expertise

CurtisDirect® adds “easy” to innovative solutions Challenge: Our client is a large industrial tire manufacturer in growth mode. With global needs for their international organization, the client was thinking about switching vendors—from a small print shop to a more secure printing company with a solid position in the market. The first order of business was…
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Web-to-print efficiencies

CurtisDirect™ online ordering solution facilitates reduced costs and other Web-to-print efficiencies

Online Ordering Solution Reduces Costs Web to Print Efficiencies Challenge: One of the nation’s largest providers of comprehensive home healthcare, with annual revenues of over $1 billion, was looking to reduce costs, consolidate processes and their current setup with multiple vendors. The healthcare company operated with multiple technology platforms for each of their print management solutions….
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Brand Identity: Maintain Consistency

Are you constantly monitoring your brand and logo across your organization to ensure it follows corporate standards?

Curtis 1000 provides an online print management tool that streamlines the ordering process for your printed materials, while allowing you to preset rules for your corporate identity—eliminating inconsistencies and ensuring that your identity will be the same on every printed piece.

How we have helped others maintain brand consistency:

Control over print program

CurtisDirect® Gives Bank Control Over Stationery Program

Streamlined process reduces turn times, minimizes errors and enhances branding efforts Challenge: Our client is a full-service community bank with over 300 branches in nine states. The bank’s corporate identity and imprinting program for branch stationery orders (business cards, letterheads, envelopes, and address labels) required a high number of touches, causing longer order cycles and…
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California Coast University

Working with Curtis 1000 is always a positive experience. When something is asked of them they always deliver.
Christi Okuma, Development Coordinator
California Coast University

Celebrity Homes

This program has allowed Celebrity Homes to remain consistently in front of our prospects during their ‘decision’ and ‘fact finding’ stages.
Shawn McGuire
Celebrity Homes

Kaduceus Inc

“The turnkey solutions that Curtis 1000 brought to the table for this project is the reason I use them as my exclusive vendor.”
Kaduceus Inc


This campaign reminded me of why [we have] a long history with Curtis 1000—great ideas with the data to back them up!
Director of Meetings


Curtis1000 was able to execute our theme through all aspects of this event, helping to make it a great success!
Kaitlyn Myers

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