Fazoli’s, a leading fast-food franchise, turned to Curtis1000 when looking for ways to streamline their interior and exterior merchandising and cut costs. Before seeking our help, Fazoli’s was using their agency for production, promotional kitting, distribution and daily order fulfillment but was struggling with multiple vendors, unorganized inventory and excessive costs.

Our team launched a comprehensive online ordering system that included a print-on-demand application. The system allowed:

  • Proof images to be viewed before being purchased
  • Transfer of several “static” items on the shelf to the print-on-demand application
  • Stores to customize POP menu boards and local marketing materials online while ensuring corporate brand standard compliance
  • Moving all local marketing elements to an online ordering process with guides for how to use them in the market
  • Complete e-commerce functionality using digital marketing boards

Today, Fazoli’s has a single business partner for production and execution of their store merchandising needs. Our collaborative approach to develop the online ordering/proofing system has led to time and cost savings for the company. We’ve helped the company consolidate vendors, cut excessive freight costs, boost speed to market and build a strong merchandising profile for their more than 200 locations.

Let our team help you streamline operations. Get in touch today to talk about how we can customize an online ordering platform for your business to help you work more efficiently and cost-effectively.