Nonprofit Fundraising: How to REALLY Get to Know Your Donors

Everyone knows the key to successful fundraising is understanding your audience. Speaking to current and potential donors with a tone and message that resonates with them and via a method they prefer is a proven path to increased donations. The thing is, in order to do that you need to, you guessed it…understand your audience.

For many nonprofits this is where the vicious cycle begins. Stretched budgets don’t stretch far enough to enable donor research, but that’s exactly what you need in order to increase donations.

One possible solution might be the simplest one.

Pick up the phone and talk to your donors. Thank them for their donation; ask them why they chose your organization and what you could do better. Make three calls a day. While not exactly “scientific,” I guarantee over time you’ll gain an intimate understanding of your donor community in a way that market research could never provide. And it won’t cost a thing but a few minutes of your time.

If you’re skeptical, don’t take my word for it. Check out this article from nonprofit expert Pamela Barden that speaks to the value of talking to donors and explores several other ways to get to know them that don’t cost a penny.

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