Direct Mail with PURL earns 8% response rate


Our client is a private, co-educational boarding school for students in grades seven through twelve. In preparation for its upcoming Open House, the school began investigating the most effective way to advertise this important event. The Dean of Enrollment Management wanted to target a more finely honed prospective student base with an innovative campaign that would better engage this chosen audience.


Curtis 1000 worked with the client to implement a targeted, multi-channel campaign designed to encourage prospects to “Get to Know” the school. The comprehensive solution included:

  • Curtis’s database management expertise in analyzing the school’s existing contact information and applying key demographic information that enabled the client to pinpoint prospects who were
    more likely to be interested in the school.
  • A multi-channel campaign launched with an initial postcard providing a PURL, or personalized website, inviting recipients to RSVP to the Open House.
  • A follow-up postcard and emails to remind those who had responded about the Open House and encourage those who had not responded to do so.


The dean was enthusiastic about the innovative campaign, which earned an 8% response rate. The school hosted one of its biggest and most well attended Open Houses ever.

Customer Feedback:

Dean of Enrollment Management said about her experience:

We were very pleased with the results of the PURL project that we did with Curtis 1000 last year. It was great to have a team to work with that was very responsive to our needs throughout the course of the project. Whenever we had a question, an answer was forthcoming. That kind of attention cannot be underestimated!