Print-on-demand eliminates waste and obsolescence


Since 1999, a major Fortune 100 insurance company has partnered with Taylor Corporation, which provides a centralized print program for business cards and stationery. This business led to discussions regarding direct marketing materials, including personalized sales and marketing literature.

The company needed a new way to improve response rates, increase brand awareness, and develop a consistent lead generation program with cross-sell, up-sell and re-sell opportunities, while seamlessly integrating multi-channel programs into one platform. They needed to reduce production time, costs and obsolescence—highlighting their involvement in subsidizing agents’ marketing efforts.

As a result, Taylor implemented the CurtisDirect™ tool, which includes a customized single sign-on process that automatically creates a profile with each user’s personalized contact information.


As CurtisDirect gained more visibility with the client’s various lines of business, they found new ways that this technology could help improve their ordering and reporting processes. Improvements included a photo library/photo upload, default copy, save templates in mid-process, online final documentation, list builders, data storage, security and mapping. Reports will also be available through the new portal to provide agents with geographic impacts and office metrics.

CurtisDirect provides the company the choice of fulfillment, allowing multiple payment and order tracking for a wider variety of new products, including postcards, brochures, newsletters, and flyers. The new portal will also provide multiple administrative options, including hierarchal user ability and site administrator options such as customer control of key elements. A three-phase implementation plan was developed and the program has now been running successfully for over two years.


The new portal is estimated to create a low-risk, high-reward opportunity for the insurance company with no up-front investment and no IT support required. Overall, the new portal will reduce the amount of project management time needed by the company to run this portal. In addition, print costs are reduced by combining volumes from their various divisions, utilizing Print-On-Demand to eliminate waste and adding personalization to market more strategically.