At Curtis1000, we are proud of our 130+ year legacy of helping clients improve their marketing efforts while reducing costs. So when a leading health insurer for more than 100 million Americans sought our help to understand their current print and marketing operations, we were delighted to help.

The insurer was eager to understand their current state so they could evaluate how to improve the quality and quantity of communications with their customers and to reduce costs.

The insurer was using two different in-plant print shops and a 30,000 square foot warehouse for their print operations. One print shop was for graphic print and the other was focused on transactional print for compliance-mandated communications (like Explanation of Benefits documents).

We put together a senior team of experts in marketing, operations, finance, IT and research and development to complete a six-week, comprehensive assessment of the insurer’s marketing and print operations. The team’s recommendations included:

  • Closing both print shops and the warehouse, which resulted in cost reductions to meet their goals
  • Using the savings to create very specific marketing programs that would enhance quality and touch points with the client’s customers

Our team found cost reduction opportunities for $3.3 million out of a $10.8 million print budget. The insurer’s executive team approved our recommendations and has dramatically reduced costs and improved their workflow as well as improving the quantity and quality of their customer communications.

Are you making the most for your marketing and print spend? The Curtis1000 team can help by providing a comprehensive assessment and recommendations for improving the way you communicate with your customers. Take the first step to cutting costs and improving your marketing efforts—get in touch today.