CurtisDirect® eliminates errors in fulfillment


Kaduceus Inc. is dedicated to the educational and professional development of individuals interested in pursuing a career in the Healthcare Industry. The Kaduceus Healthcare Programs prepare high school seniors for National Certification in their respective fields, advancing their value and marketability.

During an initial discovery call, it was learned that the Kaduceus curriculum was packaged as a set of three binders with sheet protectors that housed lesson plans and presentation pages used by the teachers in the classroom. Prior to the start of the school year, the company hired outside help along with its small staff to stuff hundreds of pages into sheet protectors per binder, per set, per school, per district. It was a time-consuming and costly process that involved a substantial amount of grueling manual insertion of sheets into sheet protectors. The pressing objective was to find a way to eliminate the manual process of inserting sheets into sheet protectors, yet still protect the pages from damage due to high usage and, in the process, eliminate errors in fulfillment.


Curtis 1000 proposed an 8 mil. UltraDigital Synthetic paper cover, which is both tear- and water-resistant. This paper stock would eliminate the need for sheet protectors. In addition, Kaduceus upgraded their binders from the standard variety, with cover and spine insets, to a custom-printed binder. Although the deadline was extremely tight, Curtis 1000 printed and fulfilled the manuals in time.

Since then, Curtis 1000 has also printed their student handbooks. Kaduceus only needed about 500 at the time, but with the price savings they would receive on an order of 1,500 they decided to order more. Utilizing our CurtisDirect® Online Ordering System, Kaduceus could store and release the excess when needed. Based on this success, the client decided to add the kitting of the classroom materials to CurtisDirect for storage and release.


When asked about his experience, the president of Kaduceus Inc. replied:

The turnkey solutions that Curtis 1000 brought to the table for this project is the reason I use them as my exclusive vendor.