Fundraising Webinar:  Raise More Money Now! 

We recently presented an informational webinar titled Raise More Money Now: How to Uncomplicate Donor Strategies. I want to share it with everyone because we have received some excellent feedback about the presentation. Our featured presenter, Felicia Joy Browder, is a Curtis 1000 Direct Marketing Specialist.

Here is what Felicia Joy had to say about the Curtis 1000 webinar event:

“At Curtis 1000 we are bringing cutting edge strategy paired with tried-and-true methods to donor development marketing in the nonprofit arena to get bigger and better results. We have worked with more than 800 nonprofits and schools to raise more money and raise their game—and we now want to raise the standard even further.  We are not satisfied with the typical 1-2% response rate. Our thinking is, “Let’s aim higher!” After all, the organizations and schools we work with are doing really valuable and important work. In some cases, without their missions and the money they raise, entire populations of people would be left hopeless and helpless. And low or middle income students would not be able to get a quality education.

As a team, we have taken the time to get back to why we are doing this work every day and why it matters so much. With that inspiration, we are looking at the channels and tactics that will drive up donor acquisition, response rates, and the gifts going to nonprofits and schools. That money is going to be spent somewhere—we want to help as many nonprofits and schools as possible attract that money to their coffers. This webinar provides some helpful inspiration and actionable steps to start getting more out of donor development. We also have packages available for those who want some expert help to take things to the next level.”

I encourage you to take some time to view the recorded webinar at your leisure and share with your colleagues. I promise it will be time well spent to help you Raise More Money Now! We welcome your feedback and please let us know if you have any questions.