A positive experience with your financial institution is certainly the key to customer retention and acquisition. How do you make that happen? Here are the high points, but if you’d like the deep dive, download our white paper here.

1. Provide Consistency across Brand Materials
Message and brand consistency not only strengthen customer ties, but also protect financial institutions from the scrutiny of state and federal regulators tasked with ensuring bank messaging is clear. Centralizing collateral via a print and marketing technology platform prevents errors, protects your corporate identity and helps reduce costs.

2. Personalize Communications and Preferences
The importance of personalized communication is a no-brainer. We’re not talking about simply addressing customers by name; we’re talking about knowing enough about them to customize communications to their lifestyle, life events and preferences.

3. Track and Understand Location Needs
Not only do financial institutions need to know individual customers, you need to understand the demographics of your diverse locations. Go ahead; give your Green Bay, WI branches a promotion tied to their beloved Packers. Then track results and repeat what works…all with the help of a web-based technology solution.

4. Centralize Data from Disparate Systems
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions centralize data so every bank employee has a “360° view” of the customer relationship. Customers don’t have to repeat information if transferred from one department to another; bank personnel are better able to assist them; marketing can be precisely targeted…and stronger customer relationships ensue.

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