Its Uncomplicated Promotional ProductsWhat would you think if I told you there’s a marketing tool capable of creating a favorable brand impression in 84% of its audience and increasing brand interest up to 69%? What if I told you that same marketing tool made such an impact on consumers that 88% of those surveyed could recall the name of the advertiser up to one year later and 62% recalled the actual message as well?*

At this point you may be shaking your head and thinking, “I don’t know, but this must be the superhero of the marketing world. Maybe I should jump on the bandwagon.” Here’s one more clue…

There’s an 82% chance that some form of this marketing is sitting on your desk right now.

Still don’t have any idea? Why don’t you pick up the pen you got from your insurance agent, have a sip of coffee from the mug you got at the last employee appreciation luncheon and squeeze that stress ball you picked up at the dentist’s office one more time? The answer is right there in your hand…promotional products!

It’s true; promotional products are powerful marketing tools. In fact, research shows that adding a promotional item to your direct mail project can increase response rates by 50% and when used as an incentive to respond can generate four times as many responses as a letter alone.** But don’t rush out and have your logo printed on 20,000 bobble head dolls right away. Promotional products only work when they are done right. And that can get complicated.

First, you’ll need to target the correct audience at the optimum time. Then, you’ll need to make sure you’ve selected an item that is a proper reflection of your brand and delivers the right message. It also needs to be useful enough to be appreciated by the recipient, whether that is a prospect, customer or valued employee. It needs to fit in your budget, but still reflect the quality of your brand. Your source must be reliable and you’ll need to determine where you are going to store your products, how often to reorder and in what quantities. Lastly, you’ll need to make sure you have a cost-effective and seamless distribution method, whether you are sending a complex direct marketing kit to 10,000 recipients or five golf shirts to your franchise location in Virginia.

Juggling all of those considerations may seem overwhelming. Finding the right promotional products provider can make all the difference. Make sure your provider has specialists who will sit down with you to understand your audience, your brand, your message and your budget in order to personally shop for just the right items. They should have a robust and exceptionally reliable supplier network with a practically limitless array of products to choose from at reasonable prices. Their capabilities should include warehousing, inventory management, kitting, pick and pack and distribution. If they can offer you a custom-branded online company store that provides your users the ability to order personalized and versioned products individually or as part of a kit you might just have found a partner with superpowers too.

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**Promotional Products Association International 1999.