Curtis 1000 partners with HEPdata—the leader in gift matching and data-enrichment services for nonprofits and education—to implement turnkey matching gift direct marketing campaigns. Once your data is screened, HEP provides a full data list of gift-matching prospects.

4 Levels - EducationAnd here’s the advantage: included are the corresponding forms and process needed for donors to take the next step with their employer. Curtis 1000 uses this data to provide the fulfillment needed for direct mail and email campaigns, delivering not only the forms, but also the “ask” in a way that generates direct results and maximizes gifts.

There are three characteristics of a successful matching-gift program:

  1. An organizational commitment to carry out a comprehensive program. If you’re not truly committed, even getting started can be a waste of time and resources.
  2. Access to quality data. The data elements are the building blocks of a successful campaign. Consider the four levels of data integrity displayed to the right.
  3. Educating and communicating with donors. Reaching out with a comprehensive communication plan to build awareness through outlets like newsletters, magazines, your website and social networks is an easily repeatable process to ensure success.

Gift Accelerator Infographic - Education



Annual Giving Escalates for Large University with Curtis 1000’s Gift Accelerator™


With over 21,000 students, our client is one of the largest public universities in their region, offering bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs. The university had always done its Annual Fund mailings in-house, to over 120,000 alumni. When contacted by Curtis 1000, they wanted to do something different in an attempt to raise more money and garner more participation.


The university decided to do a Gift Accelerator mailing to help increase donations, hoping that the inclusion of a gift-matching form in the mailing would increase participation and results. They started this project with files that included employer information and segmented the files into two groups—alumni and parents of students. In these groups, 181 parents and 543 alumni working for gift-matching companies were identified.

The mailing consisted of a booklet envelope, business reply envelope, letter with tear-off appeal form, and the matching-gift forms, when applicable. Six different versions of the letter were created. The letters were segmented into groups of:

  • Parents who worked for a non-matching company
  • Parents who worked for a matching company with a form available
  • Parents with gift-matching information available
  • Alumni who worked for a non-matching company
  • Alumni who worked for a matching company with a form available
  • Alumni with gift-matching information available


Only one week after the mailing, the university had already received $2,800 in donations. As a direct result of the Gift Accelerator campaign, the university received $8,800 in donations that included matching funds from 59 donors. The mailing easily paid for itself, which surprised and pleased university officials.

Client Feedback:

The Assistant Director of the Annual Fund had this to say about the campaign experience: “Curtis 1000’s professionalism and customer service are exceptional. Their representatives carefully walked us through the entire process of completing our matching gift mailing, from exploring the concept with us to making sure we received project samples in a timely manner. We look forward to working with Curtis again!”