Schools rely on the work of several departments to create valuable connections with the local community, donors, parents, alumni, and other important individuals. The departments that will enjoy the most value from Curtis 1000’s services include:

Admissions. Recruiters and admissions assistants will turn to Curtis 1000 for student orientation kits, brochures, folders, multi-channel prospecting campaigns, forms, and more, utilizing both print and digital materials to reach out to new and current students.

Development. Circulating materials with a cohesive brand and an engaging message will assist efforts in annual funding, capital campaigns, and major gifts. Curtis 1000 delivers results with direct mail campaigns, event signage, donor gifts, and printed collateral to ensure your targets are engaged and responding.

Alumni associations. Former students enjoy seeing the progress of their alma mater. Use print materials and innovative multi-channel marketing to engage alumni with relevant messaging for every phase of life.

Registrar. Award students pristine diplomas commemorating their success. Our online ordering platform makes commencement easy by allowing you to simply upload your list of graduates. Recipients receive an email with shipment tracking information, reducing your time answering phone calls and questions.

Marketing and communications. Unify all departments under a single brand and mission. Print, email, SMS, social media, QR codes, NFC, landing pages, digital flipbook, signage…regardless of the medium, Curtis 1000 will help you get your message to your target audience.

Athletics. Building team pride takes more than winning the game! Fill the stands, raise funds, give away items and get the word out with exciting athletic-focused marketing communications, promotional products, signage and more.

Using Curtis 1000 to increase the effectiveness of these departments will greatly influence the overall success of the school’s direct marketing. Curtis 1000 recommends maintaining ongoing campaigns with multiple touchpoints to enjoy the best results from your efforts. Campaigns can fall flat without a variety of mediums and resources. Offer the recipient several options for interacting with your marketing initiatives.

Get Your Fair Share

Curtis 1000 is proud to offer a special solution targeted to address the needs of secondary schools and universities. Our Gift Accelerator matching solution is designed to help schools offer strong incentives and easy contribution efforts to donors and certain alumni who contribute to the mission of your school.

Gift matching means a company increases donations by offering a dollar-for-dollar contribution, and Curtis 1000 is equipped to create lasting partnerships between schools and various Fortune 500 companies willing to participate in this type of fundraising.

Our team partners with HEPdata to examine your company’s data and strengthen target lists. We examine who is eligible for gift matching by looking at employer information and email appends and pinpoint which gift matching companies are available. We complete the process by sending direct mail, print and digital, to maximize response rates and watch donations grow.

The Big Picture

Instant gratification is not our goal; long-term success is. Learning to streamline your brand and successfully reach your desired audience will offer excellent results. Curtis 1000 makes it a priority to help secondary schools and higher education institutions stay in communication with diverse target audiences throughout the country.

Direct marketing combined with brand identity is necessary to help educational institutions maintain lasting relationships with students, parents, donors and alumni, which is essential for lasting success. When the two blend together, schools will regularly experience a worthwhile ROI for their diligence.

To revolutionize your school’s marketing and branding, contact the team at Curtis 1000 today!