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Direct Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Curtis 1000 creates direct marketing programs that deliver the results you need. And not just any results. We get the kind that make you say, “Wow!” From campaign strategy and creative design through production, execution and response management, our direct marketing experts make it happen in sensational fashion.

With a keen focus on your goals and audience, Curtis 1000 combines individually tailored print and electronic communications into a multi-channel strategy that will effectively engage your targets. We give you the edge by bringing together the best of data segmentation techniques applied through state-of-the-art technologies like personalized one-to-one direct mail and integrated print, personalized URLs, QR codes, CreatiFont, emails, ecards, social media, SMS (mobile/text messaging), Web design and much more.

Why Direct Marketing?

Why Direct Marketing?

Direct Marketing Is Smart Marketing.

Instead of using a wide net to catch a variety of fish in the consumer sea, you are loading the right type of bait onto a fishing hook and catching exactly who you need. The result is the action you want from the audience you’re targeting without wasted time, effort or money.

Think of a successful direct marketing campaign as the be-all, end-all to your call to action. Designed using market and demographic data, each campaign can be hand-crafted to make your recipients take specific action. They will provide you with contact information, try your product, visit your booth, sign up for your newsletter or even apply to your university. The possibilities and uses are endless.

For example, nonprofit organizations often seek critical donations through direct marketing efforts. Manufacturers frequently use direct marketing campaigns when introducing new products or to increase wholesale or retail customer leads while building brand awareness in the marketplace. Universities typically launch direct marketing campaigns to solicit new students or ensure their alumni database is up-to-date. These approaches are tried and true strategies that result in success. Now it’s your turn.

Make The Connection

The strength of direct marketing lies in creating a real connection with your target audience. Twitter, Facebook, email and cell phones have made communication more direct, but every organization still needs to fight through the tough net of marketing noise to ensure its message is heard.

So how do you make sure your promotional email doesn’t get caught in the spam folder or your tradeshow invitation isn’t thrown out with the junk mail? How can you possibly cut through the clutter to start a conversation with customers without spending a fortune?

Listen To The Data

Response analytics and other demographic and market data help focus your direct marketing efforts on providing the correct audience with the right offer at the right time using the best tools. That is how you use your budget effectively.

What does this mean for you? Analytics tell you how effective your communication and marketing strategy is in terms of demographics, sales, consumer responses, etc. Simply put, they tell you what works…and what doesn’t…for whom and when. And that’s priceless information you can use to guide future efforts and improve return on investment.

Consider that nonprofit organization that’s trying to raise funds. What happens when the fundraising team uses precise data segmentation and response analytics to target those most likely to donate? You guessed it. They get exciting results. It just makes sense that if they can identify the attributes of the “ideal donor” and focus their efforts on that audience, their response rate will increase and their ROI will too. It’s a positive information cycle that improves your efforts dramatically over time.

Listen To The Data In Direct Marketing

Why Our Approach Works

There’s a lot of work to be done before you start analyzing response data. That’s where we come in. The direct marketing experts at Curtis 1000 will handle your campaign from wire to wire. We have the expertise, the manpower and the capabilities to design a fully-loaded, data-driven campaign that will resonate with your target audience. We know there are no one-size-fits-all solutions so you won’t get a campaign for your industry, or your region, but one customized just for you.

Our Direct Marketing Process Works

First, we’ll collaborate with you to plan and design your campaign. Then we’ll produce, execute, manage responses, calculate your ROI and analyze the data so when it’s time to tee up the next campaign we can make sure you get an even better response. And of course, if you already have the plan and message in place we can take it from there and simply carry through with campaign execution.

Curtis 1000 believes in multi-touch and multi-channel solutions because we have seen the powerful difference it makes for our customers. We attack your goals with multiple communication touch points through a variety of collaborative media driven by a cohesive campaign strategy and a creative concept that captures audience attention. If you have diverse locations, a franchise community or employees working all over the country, our online platform makes it easy for your distributed team to access your comprehensive direct marketing program materials and customize them for their local market ─ while protecting your corporate identity.

Making You Look Great

Curtis 1000’s award-winning creative and design team can help you look great! In 2012, our design team won eight of the creative industry’s coveted awards.

Our creative and design team will engage you from concept to creation, working with print, electronic, Web, and flash-animation. Whether you need a simple background, photo retouching, or a complete logo and corporate identity redo—stock or custom design—we’re committed to providing the look that gets your point across.

We use the latest version of the Adobe Creative Suite (including InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator), as well as proprietary software applications designed for specific customer needs.

Want To Catch Your Prospect's Eye?

CreatiFont™ incorporates your recipient's name into an image or design, creating immediate interest.

Write each person's name in clouds or in lightning in the sky – or on a luggage tag or whiteboard – or on a coffee cup or Santa's list. CreatiFont™ enriches personalization by transforming images into fonts. Use it in all types of communications, including:

And so much more! Our clients increase their trade show traffic and event attendance, enhance their brand awareness, and drive visitors to their websites – just by cleverly combining fonts and images with CreatiFont™ and inserting the names in their databases into designs. Shop for your favorite design among the idea-starters we present here, then ask your Curtis 1000 Business Solutions Consultant how you can use it – or a similar idea - to increase response rates.

CreatiFont™ is a trademark of Curtis 1000 Inc. for its brand of personalization with combinations of fonts and design.

More On CreatiFont™

What Can Curtis 1000 Handle For You?

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Direct Marketing Solutions

Strategy, design, brochures, letters, promotional products, emails, tweets, texts, likes, newsletters, kitting, landing pages, data management, response analytics…Curtis 1000’s direct marketing experts understand that you need to make the most of your marketing dollars while executing marketing strategies with lots of moving parts. And we know that the best way to accomplish that is to partner with a supplier who can create and manage campaigns and also has a full suite of capabilities to produce and execute them. Curtis 1000 can do all of that. No headaches.

Direct Marketing Results

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This program has allowed Celebrity Homes to remain consistently in front of our prospects during their ‘decision’ and ‘fact finding’ stages.
Shawn McGuire
Celebrity Homes

California Coast University

Working with Curtis 1000 is always a positive experience. When something is asked of them they always deliver.
Christi Okuma, Development Coordinator
California Coast University


Curtis1000 was able to execute our theme through all aspects of this event, helping to make it a great success!
Kaitlyn Myers


This campaign reminded me of why [we have] a long history with Curtis 1000—great ideas with the data to back them up!
Director of Meetings

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“The turnkey solutions that Curtis 1000 brought to the table for this project is the reason I use them as my exclusive vendor.”
Kaduceus Inc

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