5-rightsIt was really neat to see this picture hanging up in my doctor’s office. Does it look familiar to you?

“Right people, right time, right message.”

We say it all the time, not only in planning a campaign, but also as part of the results post-analysis.

Imagine facing the consequences of one of these “Five Rights of Medication” not being considered in healthcare.  A person’s life is on the line!  I am sure there are patients out there, myself included, who think that being prescribed the right medicine is going to fix everything. That is not always the case, and the “Five Rights of Medication” illustration proves that the right medication is only part of the big picture.

Your Business is Serious Business

The principle is the same when we are looking at planning out a direct marketing communication and thinking it is going to pull 100% response – it is not possible. Sure, tests have been done and there has been success in other patients (and in our case, customers), but looking at all of the external factors involved that are out of our control, the “Five Rights of Medication” makes complete sense.  I think it is a great analogy to consider when we look at direct marketing. The healthcare example where human life and death are at stake might be a little extreme in relation here, but we should be treating our business in the same way.  After all, the life of a relationship is at stake, and the whole picture needs to be right on.