The USPS continues to delight marketers with its efforts to build digital connections. One of their latest programs is called Informed Delivery and it’s good news for mail recipients and direct mailers alike.

If you’re not familiar with Informed Delivery, it’s a program that allows those who opt in to view a digital image of the address side of their mail via email or mobile app before it’s physically received. While there are plenty of benefits to mail recipients, including the ability to view mail 24/7 using a smartphone, tablet or computer, the benefits to direct mailers are pretty spectacular.

First, Informed Delivery provides a no-cost added touchpoint. You get two touches for the price of one every time a recipient opens a digital mail image. Secondly, you can include an interactive “ride along” image for added exposure. Recipients will see both the front of your mail piece and this additional image.

The USPS is seeing a 70% open rate for Informed Delivery emails, so make the most of it with these design tips.

  • Print your address, branding and call to action on the mailing panel.
  • Make sure copy is easy to read when viewed in black and white.
  • The preferred format for ride along images is a JPG.
    • Design the ride along to complement other components for campaign cohesiveness.
    • Include a call to action, special offer or digital link.
    • For added pop, use a colored background and white writing.

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