We’ve discussed the advantages of outsourcing your kitting and fulfillment in previous posts, but we’ve never really covered what the secret to a successful kit is.

Let’s back up. What’s kitting? It’s the assembly of individual items into ready-to-ship packages, or kits. Think media kits, instructional kits, welcome kits, benefits kits, promotional kits, fundraising kits…The list is infinite and diverse, but no matter what kind of kit you’re sending, successful kits must accomplish three key tasks.

Arrive undamaged

Your kit must be meticulously engineered inside and out. The outer packing must be durable enough to arrive looking attractive while protecting the contents. The inner packaging must also protect kit contents and keep them from shifting during transit. Depending on the kit components, this can entail customized boxes, tabs, pockets, slits and even temperature-specific packaging.

Deliver your message

Your kit’s primary job is delivering your message, and it can’t do that if it doesn’t grab the recipient’s attention and get opened. Designing a kit that gets noticed requires insight into the needs and preferences of your target audience and a large dose of creativity. What colors, headlines, promotional items, etc. will grab the attention of this particular audience most effectively?

Minimize cost

When it comes to shipping, the larger and heavier the package the more it costs. That means your kit packaging needs to be carefully designed to be protective and attention-grabbing while minimizing size and weight for postage savings. Finding the optimum balance of durability, style and cost is vital to maximizing ROI.

If you think that can get a bit complicated, you’re right. Let the experts at Curtis 1000 help you design your kit for success. Call us at 877-287-8715 or fill out the “How Can We Help You” form on our website!