One of Curtis 1000’s clients, a large bank that had doubled in size through an acquisition, was experiencing forgone benefits of spend leverage as well as high operational transaction costs. The ultimate challenge was to reduce the number of vendors and leverage buying power.


After a complete review of the client’s purchasing spend and needs, Curtis 1000 proposed the following solutions to meet its goals:
• Eliminate 7 smaller print vendors.
• Implement technology solution to streamline print procurement process.
• Work in conjunction with local ad agency to manage marketing collaterals.
• Consolidate invoice spreadsheets to reduce number of checks cut each month.
• Use a large office supply company to consolidate and reduce office supply spend – eliminating 3 other vendors.
• Reduce number of promotional product vendors by 3.


Implementation of Curtis 1000’s consolidated business solutions ultimately saved the customer 20% on print spending annually. The cost reductions included:

• Eliminating extra vendors reduced promotional products spending by 12%.
• Implementing technology solutions saved 30% on business card spend.
• Marketing collaterals printing solution saved 15%.
• Office products consolidation resulted in a 25% savings.

Customer Profile

Industry: Financial
Solution: Print Management
Annual Assets: $1.5 billion
Number of Employees: 350
Number of Branches: 28
Number of Customers: 30,000