A large bank was looking for a better solution to its complex pick-and-pack and distribution program, which involved an array of printed marketing materials and statement services for the bank’s numerous Affinity Partners. Credit card buck slips and statement inserts comprised a monthly print run. Each run involved some 50 product and project managers at the bank maintaining and emailing among them a single spreadsheet of data each month. With so many details to coordinate, manage and prepare for print runs, it was time for an upgrade. Open to change, the bank was thinking an automated solution with an easy-to-manage interface would be the answer and inquired among its vendors.

While it may not have been feasible for other vendors to invest in an automated kitting and fulfillment tool, that wasn’t true for Curtis 1000, a managed print services supplier and industry leader in Kitting & Fulfillment. The company had already developed such a program, CurtisDirect™ Kits, for one of its customers and was ready to start customization for this bank. Quite simply, as customer requests are processed through CurtisDirect™ Kits, items are combined into kits and then kits are coordinated into projects. The system provides a workflow that is used to manage how everything fits together and how communications are managed with key project stakeholders. Once approvals are in place, projects flow into production, inventory, warehousing, fulfillment, and delivery through Curtis 1000’s world-class facilities.

The CurtisDirect™ Kits structure has been deemed a “really good fit” and the bank loves it. No more emailed spreadsheets with items, kit components, shipping locations and cost centers, etc., to manage—just a single robust interface that captures all of the information needed to coordinate and deliver the monthly print runs automatically. And when the bank requires expanded functionality, Curtis 1000 is there to continue unlocking the technology. The most recently released module for inventory management is integrating beautifully with the other modules to create the comprehensive, easy-to-use tool that this happy bank requested.