Focus redirected on growing market share


One of the world’s largest suppliers of OEM-compatible imaging supplies for the office equipment industry needed assistance in analyzing the effectiveness and ROI of its internal print shop. Their goal was to gain a market-based analysis of the print shop. All options, from keeping it open to outsourcing a portion, to outsourcing everything were to be analyzed.


After Curtis 1000 personnel analyzed the print shop, inventory and finance practices of the company, the final decision was to outsource the entire operation. Curtis provided assistance and execution supporting the company’s decision including print shop employee transition and the sale of existing printing equipment.


The transition of the in-house print shop into a Curtis print facility was completed in 60 days with no disruption to the dealer network. First-year realized savings were over $300,000. Ongoing analysis, business reviews and recommendations provided significant YOY savings in subsequent years. The company was able to direct the savings and their focus on their core goal of growing market share.