Reduced costs with branding consistency


Comcast is the largest provider of cable services in the nation—and one of the world’s leading communications companies. Known for their innovative programming, Comcast delivers digital services, fast internet, and broadband phone service.

The Comcast Atlanta Consumer Division had just started their “digital migration” program—converting customers from analog signal to digital signal. They were using a series of four mailings to accomplish
this communication to their customers, doing each mailing weekly as a standalone. Comcast wanted to save time and money while maintaining consistency in their branding.


Curtis 1000 suggested converting from weekly standalone mailings to a shell program. The program incorporates offset printed shells with digital overprints for all variable information changes from mailing to mailing.


The shell program maintains consistency in branding. The streamlined process with digital automation saves time. Comcast is saving about 30% in overall costs compared with their previous vendor. Comcast has a partner that is flexible, easy to work with, and responds quickly, allowing Comcast to concentrate on their core competencies.