A power sports vehicle manufacturer was struggling with the decentralized co-op marketing efforts of its 1,500 independent dealers. The dealers’ individual marketing efforts resulted in inconsistent and overlapping brand messages, a fractured marketing strategy and underutilization of the co-op budget. The customer asked Curtis 1000, a trusted partner for over a decade, to build a centralized, branded and structured solution that would enable dealers to drive the brand message using approved brand standards, build franchise business and reinvigorate the co-op program.


Curtis 1000 recommended its web-based CurtisDirect™ Elements platform. The final solution included the following:

  • Partner with the client to develop collateral templates with brand-approved and dealer-desirable targeted marketing messages that empower dealers to professionally promote products while ensuring brand integrity.
  • Allow dealers to choose and customize products, as well as control timing and distribution around their needs.
  • Offer multi-channel delivery options including email, postcards, letters, memos and brochures.
  • Support dealer marketing


This solution created a win for the manufacturer and its dealers. It enabled the customer to offer a comprehensive, professional marketing program that helped dealers boost sales and increased participation in the co-op marketing program. The solution also allowed the manufacturer to communicate its brand message while strengthening franchise value, ultimately resulting in heightened dealer loyalty. The program empowered dealers to pinpoint consumer needs and communicate key messages to their target audience at just the right time.