CASL: Is There a Silver Lining?

If you do any electronic marketing you’ve heard all about CASL, Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation designed to protect Canadians from unwanted electronic messages. Launched in 2014, the final stage of CASL went into effect July 1, 2017, striking fear into the hearts of marketers in Canada and beyond with its requirement to acquire Canadian recipients’ express consent and steep fines for not doing so.

Lest you join the ranks of those lamenting that CASL has completely derailed your eMarketing plans, consider this. CASL is here to stay; our only option is finding the silver lining.

First, CASL only applies to recipients in Canada. Unless that’s your primary market, you still have lots of space to play.

Second, the key to successful direct marketing has always been engaging your target audience. While the “engaging” part is still up to marketers, CASL certainly drives the “targeting” part. After all, how much more targeted can you get than an audience who has opted in? They already chose you! That means they view information from you as relevant, trustworthy and valuable.

Lastly, relevant email has higher open rates. Take a look at the open rate for your last campaign. Chances are it’s less than 25%. That’s a lot of uninterested recipients you expended resources trying to reach. CASL may trim your list, but you’ll be sending to a pre-vetted audience and likely enjoying higher open rates and a lower cost per lead.

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