You select the grapes. You select the barrels. You perfect the process. You select the bottle and the cork. But, how do your customers select you?

Years to Mature…Seconds to Sell

Studies show that on average, shoppers take only five seconds to locate and select a product from the shelf, generally at a distance from three to six feet [Terry Goldstein, Principal, The Goldstein Group]. With more than two-thirds of all retail buying decisions being made at the point of purchase, the proper label can influence your customer’s choice. In fact, 48% of consumers indicate the appearance of the label is important to their purchasing decision [Holly McGinty, Survey Analysis of Wine Label Preference in San Luis Obispo County, December 2010].

Your wine uniquely reflects you—a little heart and soul in each bottle. Does your label? Unlike any other, your wine label should reflect your unique signature. The images you choose, information you convey, engaging names and descriptive phrases all paint a picture of the treasure waiting to be uncorked.

To make their selection, consumers search for evidence and therefore, primarily concentrate on the wine label. During the judgment process, 70% of their buying decision is based on visual information, with the unconscious influence of the label outweighing other packaging considerations. In fact, a study by Wine Economics showed that the relative importance of attributes to wine consumers ranked label style as the most important at 39.5%. Identification of the wine ranked second at 29.9% followed by bottle color (18.6%) and bottle form (12%) [American Association of Wine Economists, Analyzing the Buying Decisions for Wine, November 2010].

With five seconds to make an impression, how does your label help your wine make it from the shelf to the shopping cart? Color is one mechanism that places emphasis on visual appeal. In addition to enhancing on-shelf visibility, the appropriate use of color can increase brand recognition by 80% while also serving as an important brand identifier, according to Terri Goldstein, Principal at the Goldstein Group. Featuring taste and flavor information on your label was found to increase sales by 7% over labels without the information, a recent study by the Wine Marketing Group showed [Wine Marketing Group, Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, University of South Australia].


From Wine Press to Label Press

Executing a great label is as much a craft as producing a great wine. Selecting a partner that can deliver the quality, consistency and flexibility your labels demand can be the difference between your wine being in the hands of the consumer, or collecting dust on the shelf. Curtis 1000 has more than 30 years experience developing and producing custom label solutions. Our label experts work with you through every step of the process, from creative concept to delivery, ensuring that the marketing message—your label—resonates with your customers.

Participants in a packaging industry blind-test to evaluate label samples said they preferred HP Indigo print quality over flexography by a four-to-one margin [Survey of 229 visitors to the PACK EXPO tradeshow, Brand Zone Exhibit, November 2010]. HP Indigo presses offer an all-digital production method that revolutionizes the label industry. Curtis’ label expertise goes beyond this to offer features such as in-line embossing, hot foil stamping, metallic inks and multiple varnish capabilities, allowing you to create labels as unique as your special reserve. Not only can this help create greater shelf impact but digital printing can help increase profits by reducing waste and obsolescence. All-digital production requires little in the way of make-ready, start-up time or minimum run-length requirements giving you the flexibility for variable information such as the year of vintage, versioning of labels targeted to specific markets, and seasonal, promotional and limited production offerings. Since HP Indigo equipment does not require plates, you have the flexibility to frequently change your label text and graphics at no additional cost, implement new designs faster, and print only the quantities you need. Refresh, rebrand, reposition, update and test the market—we partner with you to make sure your wine labels are as carefully crafted as the wine they represent.

Curtis 1000’s digital technology will ensure that your labels are among the highest quality roll or sheeted labels available, giving your brand the authenticity consumers look for. In fact, a paper presented by Renaud Lunardo and Richard Guerinet, University of Reims, France, indicated a 17% increase in the likelihood of consumers to select a brand they perceived as “authentic.” It was found that perceived authenticity was based on the high quality of the label.

Our HP Indigo 6000 uses exclusive HP ElectroInks liquid ink, delivering color quality that surpasses conventional printing, and giving you the choice of using mixed pot inks and 4-, 6- or 7-color simulations. Add in our advanced color management techniques that incorporate mathematical ink formulas for color formulations and spectrophotometers for color verification, we surpass the traditional print methods of simply using the human eye for color matching. You’ll have the colors you want and the color consistency across a variety of labels that you crave.

When San Joaquin Wine Company received their first shipment of labels from Curtis 1000, they quickly called to share their exuberance, “We could not believe how crisp and clear the quality was on our Green Eyes wine labels. We previously ordered these labels from a different supplier over the last couple of years and were shocked to see the quality of detail that showed on our new labels from Curtis 1000!”

Customers using automatic label application equipment report that our labels run smoothly and without annoying problems. Elmaro Vineyards told us, “The labels from Curtis 1000 not only look great, they perform great through our remote labeling line!” With three strategically located production facilities, Curtis 1000 provides the highest quality label products to companies across the U.S. Our digital technology is second to none, saving our customers money by reducing waste, obsolescence and eliminating plate and film charges. Unmatched color and registration quality, the flexibility of making frequent changes, and capabilities such as in-line foil, embossing and varnish, gives Curtis 1000 customers the advantage in faster time to market, greater shelf appeal and unsurpassed customer service. We know the care you take to craft a fine wine, let Curtis 1000 use the same level of care to craft a label that reflects your unique brand to engage your customers and uncork new possibilities.