Curtis 1000 Loan Acquisition Templates Allow You To Send The Right Message At The Right Time

Sending the same loan offer to every customer or prospect is simply a waste of your organization’s money. When an offer is not relevant or well-timed, it will be easy to ignore. Your competitors that use targeting and segmentation tools will be the organizations that gain the loan customers—while you wonder why you are once again left with money to lend.

Let our professional templates bring some organization to your loan acquisition efforts and start gaining the market share you expect.


Key in on your customers that are ready to purchase a home or refinance a current home. Communicate the benefits of your interest rates and loan terms and tell customers how easy it is to start the loan application process.

Deliver a targeted message to customers that may be shopping for a vehicle or may be open to refinancing a higher interest loan from another organization. Reach current customers with pre-qualified messages before they start shopping for their next vehicle.

debtconsolDebt Consolidation:
Reach your customers with a message about getting out from underneath the debt that may have snuck on them. Consolidate student loans, high interest credit cards and other miscellaneous debt.

homeequityHome Equity:
Let your customers know that they could be using the equity in their homes to make improvements, consolidate debt or utilize a Home Equity Line of Credit to draw funds as they are needed.

businessloanBusiness Loan:
Touch business owners with a message about being able to help them expand their business and become more profitable by utilizing your suite of business loans and related banking services.


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