Association Finds New Way to Engage Donors

Powerful program increases employer matching donations


Our client’s mission to “lead the fight against [a deadly disease] and fight for those affected by it” requires serious funding. Seeking a new method to increase donations and the effectiveness of its fundraising, the nonprofit organization turned to Curtis 1000 for help.


Curtis 1000 recommended the Gift Accelerator™ program, a tool for maximizing gift donations by screening the recipient database, appending employer gift matching information and implementing customized appeals.

  • Curtis 1000 began by scrubbing the client’s data to identify records with employer gift matching program information.
  • The updated data was added to the customer’s master database, providing call center volunteers the additional information they needed to target donors with gift matching opportunities and customize their talk track accordingly.
  • The data files also included matching gift instructions and forms to allow volunteers to quickly and easily fill out forms with the donor.


Implemented with a portion of the customer’s database as a test, the association felt the program was a powerful way to efficiently increase donations for the next segment of its one million donor database.