Case Study

Custom Post-it® Notes Give Pizza Chain
a Bigger Slice of the Pie

Box-Top Labels Increase Repeat Business


A well-known pizza restaurant chain needed a way to deliver coupons to customers and ensure the coupons stayed visible in the home until a customer’s next purchase. The ideal solution would provide a selection of coupons and allow local franchisees to determine which to use in order to more effectively project sales.


Curtis 1000 worked with the client to create a variety of Post-it® Note coupons that are placed on the top of the pizza box at the time of delivery or pickup. Customers can stick the coupons up where they will be highly visible and readily available for use with the next order.


Results showed that reorder rates increased due to the coupons’ visibility in homes, driving loyalty when customers were ready to purchase their next pizza. Franchisees were able to participate in a program that was affordable, flexible and allowed them to keep multiple coupon variations on hand to control offers at individual restaurants.