Seasonal Promotions Increase
Brand Exposure and Extend Reach

Choose the Right Promotional Products

Marketing promotions make sense all year long, so take the time to plan for a seasonal tie-in when deciding on a theme and/or branded promotional products. Promotions help your business stand out from a marketplace crowded with competitors. They also play a role in winning the hearts and minds of prospects and customers.

One consideration for your marketing strategy is timing, of course, but not just for your business and your industry. You should align your efforts with a holiday and observances calendar, too. It doesn’t matter if your audience is consumer or business. Everyone is exposed to advertising and news reports about general events and occurrences like the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day and Employee Appreciation Day. Why not ride on the coattails and momentum of those efforts?

Rather than take a broad approach with this technique, be selective and ensure you’re choosing the most appropriate events and observances in your promotions. Here’s an example from Publix, one of the 10 largest supermarket chains in the country. On Earth Day, these stores gave away branded reusable bags and small versions of the bag on keychains. The grocery store has a strong commitment to the environment and expertly used this national observance to reinforce those values. Publix’s promotions definitely came from the heart and continue to drive loyalty among customers.  

It never hurts to take the following advice about promotional items, even if you’ve been in the business for years:

  • Choose a durable, practical product that recipients can use for a long period of time.
  • Link the promotional item to your product or service to achieve greater awareness.
  • Be difficult to ignore with bold, bright colors and a creative design.
  • Consider how the item will be distributed (e.g., light and easy to pack if shipping or mailing, convenient to travel with or pack in luggage if used at a trade show).