Case Study

Hyper-Personalization Boosts Loyalty
with 600 Data Versions

Campaign Saves $4 Million and Boasts 90% Redemption Rate

An agency client wanted to boost usage of an auto manufacturer’s free maintenance program to increase owner loyalty. Though the program offered benefits and service for 25,000 miles plus roadside assistance, most buyers failed to take advantage — which negatively impacted brand loyalty over the customer’s lifecycle.

Our strategy was to be innovative, cost-saving, more brand-aligned and benefit-focused to achieve significantly better redemption rates. We designed a highly personalized campaign enticing new owners to take advantage of their benefits at particular mileage intervals. Tapping into data already captured at dealerships, our “hyper-personalized” direct mail program targeted about 2 million customers per year.

The program included four components: a newly designed welcome kit, reminder card and two postcards — customized with 70 key data points ranging from the car’s oil type to a custom timeline of scheduled service dates equating to more than 600 configurations.

Our pieces immediately established a strong connection with customers, post-sale and as an ongoing dialogue. 

More than 48% of owners had vehicles serviced at the 20,000-mile interval. 90% of eligible customers had vehicles serviced at a brand dealership at least once during the past year.

Our strategy and design managed complex personalization via digital print and reduced the manufacturer’s annual printing and postage costs more than $4 million compared to the previous program.