Case Study

Market Research Provides
Targeted Insights For
Eye Care Client

Data Analysis Brings Customer Base into Focus


A regional eye care business with 12 franchise locations needed insight into its customer base, particularly demographic data and consumers’ geographic locations in relation to the client’s franchises. Ultimately, the client wanted to use the results for refining demographic and geographic targeting insights that would improve the performance of its acquisition marketing across all its locations.


Curtis 1000 matched the client’s customer records to our in-house installation of the leading compiled consumer file to identify demographic and lifestyle attributes for individual households. In addition, we indexed the customer attributes against a random sampling of records from the same market area — providing an even deeper level of insight into how the client’s current customers compare to the broader market of consumers in the community.

We detailed customers’ demographic profiles against more than 20 common demographic attributes such as age, income, gender, net worth, marital status, presence of children in the household, education level achieved, home value, and length of residence and occupation.

Curtis 1000 leveraged our Market Area Assessment tool to determine the unique marketing areas for each franchise. Solution components included:

  • Customer penetration mapping for each franchise
  • A detailed analysis at the Block Group level that identifies top marketing areas for each location or across all 12 locations


The client is using our findings and analytic tools to further refine both demographic and geographic targeting for future marketing campaigns, including an effort to reach potential customers who have recently moved into a community near one of the franchise locations.