Case Study

Global CPG Manufacturer
Improves Lean Compliance
with On-Demand Durable Labels

Greater Durability At A Lower Cost


A global consumer packaged goods manufacturer markets more than 400 brands in 14 different product categories that touch the lives of two billion people across the world each day. Producing everything from food products to personal hygiene care, the company’s mission is to help people look good, feel good and get more out of life. 

For years, one of the company’s production facilities had been using an industrial label machine to print labels in-house. Due to strict lean manufacturing standards, they were required to perform a Clean-in-Place (CIP) at the facility each week. This process, also known as Sanitize-in-Place (SIP), involves a harsh spray-down with 150-degree water and abrasive scrub brushes. 

The CIP process accelerated the deterioration of the in-house labels, resulting in peeling and fading. With an average life span of only a couple of months, it was a constant struggle to keep up with the labeling requirements involved in lean manufacturing. 

With 100,000 square feet of production space containing miles of pipe and hundreds of storage tanks, proper labeling is essential to tracking leaks and determining levels of toxicity for clean-up.


Building on an existing relationship, the manufacturer approached Curtis 1000 to proactively find a solution for their lean label requirements. 

Curtis 1000 redesigned the labels with substrates and adhesives that would stand up to the harsh CIP requirements. The redesign extended the life of the labels more than fivefold. The labels were printed on demand and could be updated prior to each run. This eliminated obsolescence and inventory and supported their lean manufacturing footprint. 

In addition to extending the life of thousands of labels, the company saw a reduction in the time and inventory space formerly needed for their in-house printing system. Curtis 1000 helped further troubleshoot the manufacturer’s label processes in other locations and label applications.


The company now has a label program that supports lean manufacturing standards. 

  • Labels last 5-6 times longer than their in-house printed labels. 
  • All labels are conveniently located on single sheets for easy application and tracking of quantities. 
  • Labels are print-on-demand and completely customizable from order to order. 
  • Significant cost savings result from less label handling, printing and replacement.