Case Study

Innovation and Fast Turnaround
Rescue Product Launch Event

New Label Printing Techniques Developed For Winemaker


WineSociety™, a California-based startup is putting a new spin on high-end wine. They work with vineyards across California to create new blends and package them into stylish cans to make the product environmentally friendly and convenient for any adventure.

With a launch less than a month away, the company found that their printer was unable to meet the deadline and could not deliver the unique printing techniques they were seeking:

  • A soft touch matte finish sleeve for three varieties of wine
  • A 500 milliliter European can, not common in the U.S.
  • A translucent sleeve effect that allowed the metal of the cans to bleed through the sleeve


All areas of the company reacted quickly in order to rally around the client’s tight deadline. New printing techniques were developed and tested to prepare prototypes for the client to review. 

To achieve the translucent effect, the team developed new screened printing plates that reduced the saturation of color and allowed the metal of the can to show through. To further enhance the look, the team employed a unique process of overlaying matte varnish on a gloss finish to create a subtle yet eye-catching effect for the company name and logo. The owner and their agency attended the press run to give instant feedback on the product and make adjustments on the spot.


Curtis 1000 delivered the finished product within two weeks of the initial inquiry. The customer supplied new cans to the co-packer on time and launched their product successfully.

WineSociety™ was not only thrilled that Curtis 1000 helped them achieve their tight launch deadline, but also with our quality, dependability and labeling expertise. Curtis 1000 is now their main label supplier and an active partner in new product packaging development.