Case Study

Salad Dressing Manufacturer
Upgrades Packaging

Enhanced Shrink Sleeves Resolve Multiple Issues


Jimmy’s Salad Dressing was looking for a label supplier that could improve shipping costs, provide quicker turnaround times and expedite orders when necessary. Their overseas source passed along high shipping rates and could not accommodate rush orders. Jimmy’s also wanted to upgrade the shrink sleeve packaging for their jars to make them easier to open while keeping the label intact.


Curtis 1000 worked with Jimmy’s to address these issues one by one. By transitioning production to a U.S. company, Curtis 1000 significantly reduced turnaround times and shipping costs for Jimmy’s. In addition, our consultants developed a perfectly placed perforation on the shrink sleeve that allowed for easier opening and our color matching and HD printing enabled high-end 360 degree graphics to make the product stand out in a competitive market.


Curtis 1000 was able to eliminate several pain points for Jimmy’s. We have decreased turnaround times significantly, making it easier for Jimmy’s to manage their label inventory. With our HD printing capabilities, Jimmy’s enjoys 360 degree graphics that increase shelf appeal as well as labels with increased durability, scuff resistance and functionality. And unlike an overseas supplier, we are able to perform local checks and provide face-to-face sales support.